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Eclipse Titan received release approval from the Eclipse Foundation

By Elemer Lelik, Ericsson

Eclipse Titan is a fully-featured test development and execution environment based on the ETSI-standard TTCN-3 language. In the last 15 or so years, Titan and TTCN-3 have been used in testing of hundreds of types of telecom nodes, networking or telecom software within Ericsson –  as well as for assembling a set of conformance tests for NTAF.  Conservatively, over 100.000 developer man hours have been invested in Titan.

As the TTCN-3 language itself suffered from a lack of open source implementations, Ericsson took the decision to contribute Titan,  in cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation, to the open source community.  To achieve this, the project has been aligned with the Eclipse development process, and the source code has been subjected to a series of  Intellectual Property reviews according to the Eclipse legal process, establishing its clear provenance.  On the 25th of March, the project  received the final approval from  the Eclipse Management Organization and the first open source release was generated.

Numerous resources for Titan available:

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