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Netscout Joins NTAF!

By Todd Law, NTAF President, Spirent Communications

NTAF is pleased to announce that Netscout Systems has joined NTAF as a full member, becoming NTAF’s 12th member overall.  Here are some basic facts about Netscout in 2014:

  • Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts
  • Annual revenue of $396M (in 2014)
  • Approximately 1000 employees
  • Broad portfolio of products and solutions focused on enterprise, service provider, and test optimization markets

But that was Netscout last year – and things are changing rapidly.  In late 2014 (calendar year), Netscout agreed to pay $2.6B to acquire Danaher’s communication businesses, including well-known test equipment brands Fluke Networks and Tektronix Communications.  Also included in the deal were VSS Monitoring, Newfield Wireless (both part of Tektronix), and security specialist company Arbor Networks.  The Danaher Communications business had annual revenue of $813M (in 2013), and about 2,000 employees.  The new combined company is expected to have revenues of more than $1.2B, effectively tripling the size of the company, and making Netscout one of the largest test and measurement vendors in the world.

It’s great to see that Netscout sees the value of being a member of NTAF, and we look forward to collaboration in the forum, ultimately delivering new efficiencies to industry and increased value to customers.

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