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NTAF Annual Members Meeting – John Sanchez, Verizon

This was my first Face to Face Meeting with the NTAF team.

In attendance this year were Cisco, Google, Spirent, Juniper, Ericsson, Brocade, and Verizon. The team is comprised of technical experts in networking and development. The NTAF team is committed to:

• Building consensus between service providers and network equipment manufacturers
• Streamlining the development of automation in testing network devices
• Increasing market awareness for NTAF

On day one, our focus during the meeting was to establish a baseline and get feedback from the team members so that we can better align our corporate strategies and understand how we can move forward. Each team discussed:

• Current Automation Environment
• Challenges
• Vision of Automaton Environment
• Alignment between NTAF and Automation Vision

Although our corporations are different, it was apparent that we all struggle with the same challenges of test set up, lack of standardization in tools, tool overload, integration of tools/data exchange, and the high cost of test tools.

The second day, we took a look at our challenges and visions. We started to brainstorm ideas and perspectives on how we can best spend our time and energy on membership recruitment, re-alignment of our technical initiatives based on industry demand, and corporate strategies. We can honestly say that no NTAF members were harmed as a result of these discussions :).

By: John Sanchez, Verizon

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