The Network Test Automation Forum (NTAF) was created to promote the interoperability of commercial testing tools and test infrastructure for the data communications and telecommunications industry. The organization brings together commercial testing vendors, test equipment vendors, and other industry experts to create interoperable testing solutions for service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and other enterprise organizations with large network deployments.

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November 2014
NTAF Releases 2 New Specifications      by Todd Law, NTAF Vice President
NTAF Annual Members Meeting           by John Sanchez, Verizon
NTAF Topology Blog                        by Todd Law, NTAF Vice President
NTAF introduces the next generation of Resource and Inventory interoperability.

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NTAF Releases 2 New Specifications

NTAF is proud to announce the official release of two new specifications. Both specs were successfully voted out of their respective working groups, NTAF’s technical committee, and NTAF as a whole, in November 2014. Read More.

NTAF Annual Members Meeting

This was my first Face to Face Meeting with the NTAF team.

In attendance this year were Cisco, Google, Spirent, Juniper, Ericsson, Brocade, and Verizon. The team is comprised of technical experts in networking and development. Read More.

NTAF Toplogy Blog
Topologies are a fundamental concept in networking. Yet, amazingly, there exists no standard in the networking industry for expressing topologies. This is even more astounding if you consider that the networking industry abounds in hundreds of standards documents from the likes of the IETF and IEEE, among others. Read More.